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Misdemeanor Miracles: Over 100 fully illustrated pages of some of Brian O'Neill's Best Material. Including some of Brian's handlings of the Hofzinser Four Ace plot, Ambitious Clasic, Gemini Twins, and Jazz Aces. Also includes a visual handling of the card and coin transposition, a presentation for "It must be magic" (an impossible self working spelling effect)and "Second Sight", a 100% sure fire method of finding a spectators card from a fanned shuffled pack. Mighty Mouse, a visible production and vanish of a life-like mouse. And much more!-$25.

More Than Just Moves: Brian O'Neill's lecture notes spiral bound. Contains: Brian O'Neill's "Collection Count", 2 versions of collectors, a three phase sandwich routine, Beware of Pickpockets: a mentally selected card vanishes from a packet in the spectator's pocket
and reappears in the magician's pocket. Two impromptu variations for a signed torn and restored card with no forcing or extra cards. Lucky Ticket: Featured in Magic magazine April 2002 as a prediction or a banknight effect where the spectator wins his own money in a raffle. Wild Homing card: The story of Jack the Ripper with a packet of playing cards. Theory on the presentation of magic that is unlike anything else out there, and more. Recomended by Chuck Smith and Barrie Richardson. - $15.

No Hard Moves: The simple version of Brian O'Neill's lecture notes. Includes: Johnny Brown's Coin thru Glass, Crazy Cube Climax: a simple effect perfect for strolling magic for children. Tosha Roon Shrink: The selected card shrinks to half its size under a nickle in front of the eyes of the spectator. With out touching the deck or the nickle, the nickle shrinks to 1/10 its normal size. Oh Thank Heaven: A selected card returns to the deck reversed at a postion named by the spectator. Pocket Transpostion: Two Cards are shown, one is placed in the performer's shirt pocket, the other left on the table. The cards change places in the blink of an eye. Many more effects.-$15.

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